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EMAIL NEWS: Adestra launch universal email analytics tool

Email service provider Adestra has launched a new product that allows users to identify the conversion rates of their email marketing campaigns using any web analytics provider they like.

Adestra says the software, which is integrated into the MessageFocus email platform, is the first of its kind that allows its users to gain end-to-end tracking with all providers worldwide.

According to Adestra's lastest survey on B2B and B2C marketers, identifying the ROI of an email marketing campaign is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry.

Adestra says with the streamlining product will allow easier and cheaper access to complex information on subscribers' online behaviour.

As well as looking at usual campaign metrics such as open and click-through rates marketers will be able to track subscribers' engagement as they navigate through the site, identify landing pages with high exit rates and average times on sites.

Adestra says the improved tracking will help marketers improve their ROI, as this valuable information is utilised so future campaigns become targeted and relevant.

Henry Hyder-Smith, managing director of Adestra, comments, "With such complex web analysis so easily available it is little surprise marketers can generate a substantial increase to their revenue.

We are delighted with the development of our software that has streamlined the process, enabling marketers to easily access the web analytics packages, without having to invest in costly and time consuming conversion packages."

According to Forrester Consulting, integrating web analytics and email can generate nearly four times more revenue and 18 times greater net profits compared to using simple untargeted email campaigns.


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16 June 2010, London