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EMAIL NEWS: B2B emails surpass national open rate average


B2B emails receive the top open rates along with the Government and restaurants according to permission based marketing company

The UK based marketing company has released the results of its second email benchmarking report which show B2B sales emails receiving an average open rate of 22.19 per cent - the third highest in all the sectors surveyed and above the UK average of 17.98 per cent. analysed 200 million marketing emails from UK SMEs


B2B services did not have the same success with open rates of 15.30 per cent. Despite the news that B2B sales emails are being acknowledged by recipients, the survey shows the click-through rate for sales and services are below the UK average of 3.56 per cent.

The survey, of 200 million email marketing messages sent through the online marketing platform in the six months from 1st January - 30th June 2010, also found B2B services suffer from the same fickle reader loyalty as the fashion industry with it receiving the third highest unsubscribe rate (0.47 per cent). Fashion came second with 0.50 per cent and IT won the unpopularity contest with an unsubscription rate of 0.62 per cent.

The study looks at businesses across 23 different sectors and is available in full here.

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