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EMAIL NEWS: B2B marketers face deliverability challenges

B2B marketers face the biggest email deliverability challenges according to email intelligence provider Return Path.

Return Path’s Email Intelligence Report reveals with enterprise spam filters like Postini – the most widely used filter – only delivering 23 per cent of emails to the inbox, B2B marketers struggle the most with deliverability issues.

The report also revealed 70 per cent of ‘this is spam’ complaints come from marketing campaigns. While it says the majority of these emails are legitimate newsletters or notifications people are no longer interested in receiving, it highlights an issue marketers need to address.

Return Path’s Email intelligence report George Bilbrey, Return Path co-founder and president , said, “While this makes it more difficult for marketers because a previously interested recipient may now be marking their information as spam, it is also important that marketers learn from these actions and consider changing their email marketing strategy to keep recipient enthusiasm high.”

Download the report here