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EMAIL NEWS: Concep bears up to Bearing Point's email demands

Bearing Point has appointed Concep as its provider of strategic email communications with the aim of raising awareness and developing thought-leadership in the financial sector.

The business consultancy's first newsletter was sent out in spring to prospects and clients in over 300 financial companies across Europe.

Lynne Jones, marketing and communications director at Bearing Point UK, comments, “We anticipate that Concep's solution will have a great impact in sharing our thought leadership with our key accounts. Feedback to date from our clients shows the value of the approach.”

The campaigns are tracked for deliverability and interactions on a recipient-by-recipient basis i.e. The route taken and where they interacted. Jones states that this data will enable Bearing Point to refine future campaign strategies. She adds that depending on where the individual clicks for more information, appropriate follow-up can be made.

Edward Weatherall, operations director at Concep, comments, “Email communications should be accountable and by utilising the tracking capabilities we will create a follow-up strategy for Bearing Point.”

Concep has also created a microsite where articles will be held.


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