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EMAIL NEWS: Cranfield tests a more targeted approach with DNX


  A targeted campaign by Cranfield

Cranfield School of Management is embracing a more targeted approach to marketing with a test DM and email campaign devised by DNX.


The campaign is aimed at promoting Cranfield�s broad range of short management training courses (from two days to three weeks) and is being tested on a marketing audience to gauge response.

Activity kicked off with an email marketing initiative in November, targeting 10,000 marketing respondents in middle-management roles with a personalised email. This was followed by a DM campaign to more senior prospects in December.

Messaging for the two audiences differs, with middle-management communications focusing on gaining functional business know-how, whilst those aimed at more senior practitioners highlight the strategic benefits of the courses.

Both the direct mail and email components linked through to personalised landing pages for the campaign, which contains details of the most relevant courses for each individual prospect, thereby removing the need for them to trawl around the Cranfield main website.

Results of the campaign will be evaluated and if successful it will be rolled out to audience of non-marketing business executives in the New Year.


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