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EMAIL NEWS: Don't leave a message after the beep, email me

Marketers looking to reach white collar workers in the UK should not be using the phone according to a survey by LexisNexis.

According to the survey office workers are struggling under a '€˜burden of information overload' and the best way to reach them differs according to country. Email is the best way to reach a worker in the UK, US and South Africa, where as workers in China prefer contact via their mobile phones. Australian workers stated the landline was their preferred point of contact.

Despite stating email as their preferred point of contact, 73 per cent of UK workers admitted to deleting information without fully reading it.

While the advancement of digital technology has kept people connected to work for longer and opened more channels for marketers to reach customers, those customers are not necessarily receptive to the extra contact. LexisNexis discovered 45 per cent of recipients said, "Being constantly accessible by mobile phone, email and other means makes it harder for them to do their job."

The survey was based on the responses of 1700 white collar workers in the UK, US, China, Australia and South Africa.