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EMAIL NEWS: Eloqua demystifies email deliverability

The latest release in Eloqua's Grande Guide series sees the revenue performance management specialist lifting the lid on email deliverability and privacy.

Available as a free download from the Eloqua website, the guide explains how the adoption of responsible practices can result in more effective campaigning.

Brian Kardon, CMO of Eloqua, said, "Businesses of all sizes are collecting massive amounts of sensitive data every day. How companies use and protect such sensitive information is of the utmost importance.

"All too often, marketers don't understand how the adoption of stringent privacy standards impacts the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. This Grande Guide demonstrates the connection in layman's terms."

Billed as a ‘factual, technology agnostic' guide, the 10-page document serves as a follow-up to last year's Grande Guide to Sales Enablement and contains expert contributions from email certification and reputation scoring expert Return Path.

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