EMAIL NEWS: Eloqua launch automation resource library

Automation company Eloqua has launched the first library of marketing best practices, programmes and templates proved to drive business results.

Eloqua's on-demand resource, SmartXchange, gives marketers instant access to marketing best practices within the Eloqua platform.

The SmartXchange library, which is currently in beta form, includes marketing assets ranging from simple email, newsletter and landing page templates to lead generation and lead management programs.

Eloqua hope that SmartXchange will help marketers improve campaign results by leveraging the lessons learned by Eloqua customers and accelerate the deployment of lead nurturing, lead scoring and data quality management programs by minimising time-consuming trial and error.

SmartXchange also hopes to make it easy for marketing teams to share campaigns and programs across geographic and divisional boundaries, reinforcing consistency and standards, and making sure that the entire organisation has access to the same marketing templates and assets.

"SmartXchange gives marketers a shortcut to realising return-on-investment and greater marketing effectiveness by providing pre-packaged templates and programs, so that marketers don't have to start from scratch," said Joe Payne, B2B marketing expert and CEO of Eloqua.