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EMAIL NEWS: Lovells select Concep for global email marketing

International law firm Lovells has partnered with marketing technology company Concep to transform its email marketing system.

The company that had previously relied on an internally managed system for its online marketing is embarking on a pilot project with Concep's Campaigner solution, software that manages email marketing remotely. This will eventually be utilised across Lovells global office and practice areas.

"Our strategy is to provide lawyers with the ability to prepare and send out their client alerts and newsletters without having to get stuck in too much centralised
bureaucracy," explains Chris Hinze, head of corporate communications at Lovells, on using the technology.  

One of the determining factors that led to Lovells decision was Concep's integration with the Lexis Nexis Interaction CRM as it ensures ‘fee-earner visibility' of email marketing activities and increases the value of investment. "For us, if a system can't link with InterAction then it is pointless having it," continues Hinze. "We need to be able to manage our data effectively and not in a piecemeal fashion."

Concep says that partnering with Lovells is an exciting move for the company. "The teams at are looking forward to working together over the coming years," exclaims Ed Weatherall, MD at Concep.


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