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EMAIL NEWS: Marketers rely on misleading email metrics

European marketers have an unrealistic view of the success of their email campaigns and are losing out on revenue. This is according to Return Path, who says that marketers are mistakenly counting emails that end up in spam folders and are blocked by ISPs as delivered messages. In its European Benchmark Deliverability Report, Return Path found one sixth of legitimate marketing emails failed to reach inboxes for this reason.

In its new handbook, A guide to achieving 100% inbox placement in Europe, Return Path aims to educate marketers on understanding deliverability rates and of the importance of using inbox placement metrics.

Return Path highlights findings from the DMA UK national client email marketing survey 2010 that state 70 per cent of recipients reported deliverability as their main concern, but only 25 per cent know that sender reputation is a major factor in deliverability failures.

Speaking about the costly mistakes marketers are making, Guy Shelton, VP for European sales and service at Return Path said, "Many European marketers are not obtaining consent to send emails to customers, continue to send emails to bad addresses - such as unknown users, inactive addresses and spam traps, and don't send welcome messages to new subscribers."


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