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EMAIL NEWS: Microsoft announces Outlook will support Skype


Microsoft has announced that will now support Skype, allowing users to make audio and video calls from their inbox. Microsoft has called the new launch: “less typing, more talking!”

The integration of the email service and video streaming software will also allow users to add their Skype contacts to contacts.

How it works: Skype for will require a one-time download of a plugin for your browser (available for the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox). After you download the plugin, connect Skype to using your Microsoft account. Plus users with an existing Skype account will be asked to link Skype and in a few simple steps.

A preview version will be launched in the UK this week, and in the US and Germany in the coming weeks.

Simon Longbottom, senior director, product marketing at Skype, said: “Even with the best email service, sometimes text isn’t enough. We all face those situations where it’s just easier to jump on a call to talk something through. Sometimes that quick call can accomplish more than a long email reply. That’s why we are bringing Skype audio and video calling to your inbox.”