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EMAIL NEWS: SMEs like it on Mondays via their inboxes

SMEs are more likely to react to a marketing email than to a phone call or a piece of DM according to the SME Voice study from B2Group and the DMA, B2B Marketing can reveal.

Email was cited by 80 per cent as their preferred method to receive marketing communications, coming a distant second was face-to-face with 28 per cent. In the period between July and October DM decreased, as a favoured method to receive marketing messages, by nearly 50 per cent.

Mondays are cited as the best day to contact SMEs closely followed by Wednesdays with 27 and 26 per cent of participants choosing them respectively. The best time to reach SMEs is between 9am-12pm with 33 per cent saying this is the most convenient time of the day to be contacted. The worst time of the day is before 9am.

Speaking about the report, Andrew Colwell said, "It has a dual benefit, the insight gained allows us to provide SMEs with tools to grow and provides corporates with inside information on how SMEs operate."

The report will be available as a whitepaper at the launch event on November 24 at Allen & Overy, London. After a period of exclusivity for DMA members it will be available for general download on the B2Group website.

The SME Voice is a continuous monthly online tracking survey completed by a panel of 1250 SMEs. It is designed to monitor their preferred method and time of contact giving marketers valuable insight into how to reach SMEs.