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EVENT MARKETING NEWS: Exhibition stands go green with carbon trading deal

Carbon trading organisation, Advanced Global Trading (AGT), has partnered with exhibition stand producer, Equinox Design, to help offset the large amount of environmental waste created by the exhibition industry.

The new division called Exhibit Green will give Equinox Design’s clients the chance to sell carbon credits they’ve earned through buying environmentally friendly stands. Samsung and Hi-Tec are among those already on board the new initiative.

Equinox Design’s partner, Carl Criscione, said, “We believe that collaborating with AGT through Exhibit Green will create a simple system where clients can offset the environmental damage caused by the stands through the purchase of carbon credits.”

Charles Stephenson, AGT director, added, “As an industry-leader in sourcing and trading carbon credits, we’re targeting some of the biggest brands in the world to help them improve their CSR and negate the significant environmental impact of the temporary stands they build for exhibitions right across the globe. The next stage will be to take this model directly to the associations who organise exhibitions.”