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EVENT MARKETING NEWS: Marketers are not maximising audience insight at events

Ninety per cent of marketers admit they are not maximising audience insight at events but they believe technology will help them change this.

In a survey conducted by interactive technology and audience insight specialists, IML Worldwide, many marketers admit to not capitalising on intellectual capital despite 60 per cent regarding audience insight as vitally or very important.

While 80 per cent of respondents agreed that post event feedback is becoming more important, a similar number, 79 per cent, felt that this insight is lost without the use of interactive technology.

While marketers recognise the need for technology they are drowning in choices. Our recent feature looks at the future of marketing technology.

Richard Fisher, CEO at IML Worldwide commented, “Our industry is rapidly evolving as technology advancements occur and philosophies on shared intelligence develop. With this evolution comes the opportunity to engage with audiences more fully and rewardingly than ever before.”