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EVENT MARKETING NEWS: Sharing events links on Twitter drives more traffic

Online ticketing company, Eventbrite has found events shared on Twitter drive more page traffic than Facebook and LinkedIn.

The study of Eventbrite’s customers found the number of people who click on events shared via social media has increased over the last two years. Links shared on Facebook got an average of 14 clicks, similarly LinkedIn saw 10 clicks, but Twitter drove the most traffic with 33 clicks.

The average dollar per share across all social media sites is $3.23, meaning after an event is shared it drives revenue back to the organiser.

Tamara Mendolsohn, VP of marketing at Eventbrite, said, “Because events are inherently social, it’s not surprising that we see a compound effect of sharing. And it’s interesting to see the values and traffic driven from a share continue to rise despite the increase in volume of sharing across social networks.”