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EVENT NEWS: SXS helps face-to-face events stand out


 Face-to-face events stand out with SXS




Face-to-face events are set to receive a virtual helping hand from SXS Events and its 3D projection system.

The technology, designed to be interactive and attention grabbing, is aimed at PR and event agencies to help presentations come to life.

Initially SXS will be contacting its client database via email. As the launch gets under way the events production company will look at online marketing to push the new platform and to build its reputation. It also plans to launch activity on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo in the near future.

Johnny Palmer of SXS Events says, "This will be perfect for events where audience engagement is crucial; such as sales conferences, awards shows and experiential marketing events."

SXS compares the 3D projection system to recent feature films like Avatar and Gulliver's Travels.