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Facebook launches TV ad campaign aimed at small businesses

Facebook has launched a TV advertising campaign aimed at the small business sector, highlighting the social media platform’s contribution to the UK’s burgeoning SME economy.

The campaign – entitled ‘Let’s get to work’ – shows small business owners from around the world using Facebook to meet and connect, despite the implications of Brexit.

Facebook UK Let's Get To Work

With narration from Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington, the TV spot tells the story of how UK small businesses such as Repton Boxing Club, Huit Denim and Charlotte’s Butchery use Facebook to build a community and scale. Every business featured in the campaign will also be profiled on a microsite detailing their offering.

The creative directors of Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam (who produced the campaign) Daniel Schaefer and Szymon Rose, commented: “This campaign celebrates the hard work and dedication behind all the small businesses out there. It was important to us to feature real businesses and tap into the unique and interesting stories behind each of them. The UK is full of people turning their passions and ideas into a business during uncertain times. Facebook can’t do all the things they do, but it can help show the world what they do.”

The campaign will be rolled out across TV, print, online and cinema.

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