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Facebook’s emoji feature flops

Facebook’s reactions feature – an extension of its ‘like’ button – has barely been used since its launch in February, according to analysis from quintly.

Around 130,000 Facebook posts worldwide from pages with a large follower base were analysed, from top brands to celebrities, and politicians to sports.

And, despite the introduction of emoji reactions to encourage more interaction, 97 per cent of post reactions analysed still consisted of the ‘like’ reaction.

The emojis – such as angry, sad, love or wow – only made up three per cent of overall reactions, with the love emoji making up more than half of reactions that weren’t the ‘like’ button.

Negative reactions, which many users were clamouring for through a potential ‘dislike’ button, only made up one per cent of total reactions, indicating the introduction of a simple ‘dislike’ button may have been of more benefit.

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