Flexible hours the key to business success and a better work/life balance, research reveals

UK professionals are more motivated by flexible hours than bonus packages and unlimited holidays, according to research from Workfront.

The survey of 1000 British office workers found over half (52%) felt ‘flexi hours’ was the perk that most motivates them to be a better employee.

The next two popular choices were ‘generous bonus packages’ (40%) and ‘unlimited holidays’ (31%), countering the common theory that most employees are solely motivated by financial benefits.

For B2B marketers, however, it seems salary is still the most important aspect of working life, beating passion for the role and career progression, according to a report by Axonn Media published earlier this year.

When asked about the three most important aspects that lead to job satisfaction, the report revealed both genders feel passionate about their duties and earning a good salary. But men want to do something they are talented at, while women ranked career progression more highly.

According to the most recent B2B Marketing Salary Survey, some two-thirds of marketers are satisfied in their current role but some 60% believe they are paid less than they would expect.

What are the benefits of a better work/life balance?

"Flexibility allows for diversity because as an organisation you can meet a whole host of different needs: family needs, religious leads, personal needs," said Jo Coombs in a recent article about senior marketers achieving the perfect work/life balance.

Other considerations raised in the feature included compartmentalising your priorities, being able to fully switch off from work at weekends, and the possibility of much discussed Swedish six-hour day.

Commenting on the findings in the Workfront report, Jada Balster, marketing director, EMEA at Workfront, said: "There’s often a chasm between what businesses think their employees need and what their employees actually need. This survey confirms that workers are not primarily motivated by money, but hugely value their ‘work-life balance.’ It's imperative that businesses recognise this shift as it can be the difference between thriving and failing."

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Flexible hours the key to business success and a better work/life balance, research reveals