Global marketers tighten media management practices to counter ad fraud

Some 88% of global marketers are now using third-party verification to counter ad fraud and promote transparency, a study has revealed.

The research – conducted by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) – surveyed 35 multinational companies with a combined annual spend of $30 billion on marketing, across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific to identify the usage of media governance practices.

The report found that most respondents felt media management issues had escalated and many had begun implementing third-party verification. This year alone, ad fraud is anticipated to cost $16.4 billion.

The majority of respondents agreed the focus on transparency, brand safety, viewability and ad fraud had all intensified in the last year.

Some 74% had suspended investment in ad networks deeming it an unnecessary risk, while a further 88% had implemented viewer tracking via a third-party vendor and 56% had conducted a programmatic review.

The study suggests the results could be due to brand owners responding to the Association of National Advertisers’ Media Transparency report, which highlighted an inconsistency in media management and poor agency conduct that was being concealed by principal transactions.

Robert Dreblow, head of marketing services at the WFA, said: “Last year’s ANA report was a catalyst for a new wave of action by brands not just in the USA but around the world, addressing many of the media issues that our members have highlighted including brand safety and ad fraud.

"These actions, coupled with an increasing number of WFA members sharing that they have witnessed improved transparency, are positive signs that we can create an improved media landscape for brands, agency partners and media owners.”

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