Half of marketers believe bureaucracy impedes their success

Some 47% of marketers believe bureaucracy is hampering the agility of their marketing operations, according to a report by Aprimo and Forbes.

Despite the advent of technology to boost operational efficiency, almost one in three of those surveyed believe the lack of autonomy is impacting the speed in which campaigns are developed and delivered.

Perhaps it is little wonder that 74% of respondents cited ‘agility of marketing operations’ as a current marketing challenge. 

Another driver of bottlenecks is business structure: over a quarter (27%) of marketers indicated operating in a siloed and hierarchical organisation held back their marketing efforts.

Senior marketers are being pulled from both sides – they have to meet the customer’s growing demands while facing high scrutiny over ROI from internal stakeholders. Indeed, 23% of marketers cited a lack of vision from top management as a key challenge for their day-to-day performance.