Half of senior marketers feel disconnected from the c-suite

A disconcertingly high 52% of senior marketing professionals think c-level executives don't fully understand marketing, according to new research by Squiz.

The study of 600 senior marketing professionals also found that just 35% think their CEO strongly realises the potential revenue uplift and saving of martech investment, and just 33% feel their CIO understands it at a financial level.

Despite the fact 78% of respondents feel confident explaining the value of technology investments, they believe there's a disconnect between marketing and the rest of the boardroom. 

Perhaps marketers need to build stronger relationships: when asked who in their company they worked most closely with, 52% said the CTO and 47% said the CIO, while just 27% said the CEO. 

Unsurprisingly, stakeholder buy-in is a challenge for 32% of marketers, with just 28% believing they can confidently set goals the whole business can support.

Neil Davis, MD UK and Europe at Squiz, commented: “Our research highlights that digital has a firm place in the boardroom. 

“However, as martech is being used by the rest of the business, marketers need to be more confident that its value is being communicated. They must ensure they're using technology beyond its basic capabilities so they can make maximum impact at a business level.”