Half of women in marketing subject to gender discrimination

Almost half (48%) of female marketing practitioners are likely to have experienced some form of gender discrimination at work compared to 16% of men, a new study from The Marketing Society Scotland has revealed.

The research project, Mind the Gap, which sought to gauge perceptions and practices within the industry, also found that just half (53%) of women compared to 79% of men would say they are treated equally in their current workplace.

Perceived inequality is also reflected in salary: only 29% of women believe they are paid equally in their workplace, compared with 59% of men.  

Perhaps the most damning finding of them all relates to representation throughout the hierarchy: one in 10 women and 29% of men agree that both genders are equally represented at all levels in marketing.

Helen Campbell, head of global brand and marketing communications at VisitScotland and chair of the Marketing Society Scotland, commented on the findings: “The Inspiring Women initiative is borne out of a recognition that as a marketing community we must work harder to ensure greater equality in the workplace, at all levels.

“Where there is inequality we need to understand why and most importantly take proactive steps to address it. Now is the time to work smarter and harder to build a more balanced marketing community and culture.”

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Salary Survey 2016-17