INFOGRAPHIC: Good leadership makes B2B marketers happy

‘Good leadership’ or ‘management’ drives happiness among 60 per cent of B2B marketers, new research by Omobono has revealed.

This was followed by ‘feeling valued and listened to’, listed by 56 per cent of the 115 senior business marketers surveyed. ‘Pride in the company and values’ was listed by 50 per cent of respondents and ‘opportunities to be creative’ was cited by 46 per cent.

However, salary and benefits came in fifth place with 42 per cent rating it as a contributing factor to happiness.

On average, respondents rated their happiness at work at a generous seven and a half out of 10.

When asked to name the best thing about being a B2B marketer, a quarter (24 per cent) said ‘the ability to see an impact in the business’, while a fifth (19 per cent) highlighted the ‘challenges in B2B marketing’ and a fifth (19 per cent) ‘the ability to see an impact on customers’.  

Francesca Brosan, chairman of Omobono, commented on the results: “Business marketers are a driven and motivated group, often operating in complex sectors where the contribution of marketing is less well recognised than in consumer marketing. So it’s great to see B2B marketers enjoy rising to the challenge and demonstrating the contribution that digital makes to the business.”