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INFOGRAPHIC: Top mobile brands revealed

Samsung (29,600 mentions), Nokia (11,600 mentions) and Huawei (8,800 mentions) were the most popular brands at the Mobile World Conference, according to the Gorkana Group’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 Social Insight Report.

The research revealed the ‘top products’ discussed on social media were the Samsung Galaxy S5 with 15,000 mentions. This was followed by Nokia X 3800 mentions and Samsung Gear Fit with 3400 mentions.

Mark Zuckerberg was revealed as the top personality with 4400 mentons and 3300 tweets.

Meanwhile, 51 per cent of users were using the Android operating system to tweet, followed by Windows (14 per cent) and iOS (eight per cent). Only three per cent of mobile users used BlackBerry operating system and eight per cent.