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Instagram launches contact option to connect brands with customers

As part of its expanding ecommerce offering, Instagram has launched an insight tool and ‘contact’ option to help connect brands with customers.  

Users of Instagram business profiles will today be able to select how they wish their customers to contact them – call, text or email – with a single tap of a button. 

Part of Instagram’s latest Business Tools, it enables customers to connect directly with advertisers through a new contact button.

The business profiles are said to make it more apparent to users which accounts constitute the network’s 200,000 advertisers. 

In its blog post announcement, the Facebook-owned brand said: “With so many companies using Instagram, and many people on the platform interacting with them, there was a desire from our business community to do more.

“So we listened. And, after hundreds of interviews with businesses, three key needs became clear – stand out, get insights and find new customers.”

The insight tool – launched in line with the contact feature – opens up new data sharing opportunities for ecommerce users. 

With deeper insight into their followers’ user data – such as browsing history – marketers will have more information about their customers’ personalities, enabling them to identify what type of post will appeal to their target audience.

Instagram seems keen to evolve its offerings, with the social media giant recently launching its ambitious ‘stories’ feature in an effort to topple rival image and video sharing platform Snapchat.

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