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Instagram launches direct messaging


Facebook-owned Instagram has added a new direct messaging feature: Instagram Direct.

The feature will allow its users to send a picture or video to up to 15 people without it appearing on its public feed.

This new area will allow users to see incoming photos and videos and send their messages to other people – acting as their very own private Instagram inbox.

Instagram explained how to use the new feature in a company blog post: ‘To send a photo or video to specific people, tap the camera button to enter the same simple photo or video capture and editing screens. At the top of the share screen, you’ll see the option to share with your followers or to send to specific people. To send using direct, tap the names of the people you want to send your photo or video to, write your caption, tap send and you’re done.’

After a user has sent a file he/she can see when a person has viewed, commented or liked the image in real-time.

Plus, users will be immediately notified when they receive photos and videos from someone they are following. However, if a user receives a video from an unknown source it will go into a requests folder where the users can choose to view it.