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INTEGRATED MARKETING NEWS: Jaguar eyes business professionals

The launch of Jaguar’s XF2.2D has seen the car manufacturer targeting small and medium-sized businesses as part of its new integrated marketing campaign.

Designed by localisation agency EMO, the campaign seeks to speak to both fleet managers and the drivers themselves.

Direct mail packages will be sent to 58,000 qualified SME business prospects. These are backed-up by newly created corporate web pages, email campaigning, press advertising, follow-up calls and a ‘keep in touch’ service for those registering interest.

Nick Davies, managing director at EMO, said, “The local business market represents the overlap area between personal choice and business decision. The senior professionals and business owners are extremely busy individuals, making it all the more important to deliver a campaign directly relevant to them.

“The challenge lay in creating and executing a campaign that would grab attention, generate excitement and deliver rational substantiation all in one. I believe this campaign addresses all these needs and more. ”