INTERNATIONAL NEWS: IT marketers must stay local to go global

Technology marketers should be providing localised content  for IT professionals across the world, according to IDG Connect.

The global survey revealed 72 per cent of respondents find vendor whitepapers useful but the majority of IT professionals outside North America struggle to find the localised content they need.

The survey, conducted by 3217 professionals across 114 territories, showed over 70 per cent of respondents from Asia, South America and Africa struggle to find local content. The same can be said for over 60 per cent of those from the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, and over 50 per cent of those from Europe.

Matthew Smith, VP of IDG Connect International said, “Engagement levels with our audience soar when we supply content which relates to their region. This is especially true in emerging markets where this information is thin on the ground. These results show high levels of frustration in IT professionals outside North America and prove that even modest amounts of localisation will help technology marketers enhance engagement.”

The full report is available to download here

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