Job satisfaction among B2B marketers hangs mostly on salary

Salary is now the most important aspect of working life for B2B marketers, trumping passion for the role and career progression, according to a report by Axonn Media.

The Gender in Marketing survey, which polled B2B marketers across a number of different sectors, also highlights a clear divide between men and women, with female marketers more focused on building their careers than their male counterparts.

When asked the three most important aspects that lead to job satisfaction, both genders identified feeling passionate about their duties and earning a good salary. But men want to do something they are talented at, while women ranked career progression more highly.

Priorities shift when women become mothers, with flexibility jumping to the top from the fifth most important workplace consideration when compared with results in 2015. 

It also seems employers are failing to allow parents to embrace flexible working, with 77% of B2B marketers saying they work full-time and in the office. 

Men in particular seem to be tied to their desks, with female B2B marketers nearly four times (15% versus 4%) more likely to work part-time.

According to the most recent B2B Marketing Salary Survey, some two-thirds of B2B marketers are satisfied in their current role but some 60% believe they are paid less than they would expect.

On a more general level, recent research from Workfront revealed that UK professionals see flexible hours as a key motivator for better work performance, preferring it over work bonus packages and even unlimited holidays.

Karen Webber, marketing director at Axonn Media, said: “It’s interesting to see that B2B marketers are now more driven by money and that it’s an increasingly important factor of job satisfaction within the industry.

“One thing the results clearly show is that the majority of factors that help contribute to B2B marketers’ job satisfaction are not financially motivated.

“Employers would do well to encourage flexible working practices if they want to retain the best B2B marketing talent, with home-working and flexible working hours noted as key contributors to job satisfaction.”

B2B Marketing Salary Survey 2017-18

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