Junior marketing salaries set to rise in 2016

Junior marketers' salaries are set to rise by an average of seven per cent compared to 2015, according to new research by Robert Walters.

The study predicted that among junior positions, bid executives will be paid an average of 14 per cent more than last year, while CRM salaries are set to rise by 26 per cent.

Additionally, wages of senior marketers are set to increase, especially for those in positions related to strategic marketing. Marketing analyst salaries at director level are predicted to grow by 13 per cent compared to 2015, while bid and business development directors' pay will rise by nine per cent and seven per cent respectively.

These findings highlight an increasing business confidence in the UK, with companies adapting to the post-recession market. Brands are keen to recruit and retain top talent as they prepare for growth. 

Ed Glover, associate director for Marketing Recruitment, commented: “With recruitment at the junior level falling low during the recession years employers are now looking to invest in talent long term, attracting top candidates for entry level roles with the aim of long-term career development.

“At the junior level, employers are particularly keen to attract professionals with a mix of traditional and digital marketing skills, as working with online and social media platforms becomes an increasingly central aspect of marketing strategy.”