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Just 6% of the UK regularly click online ads

As few as 6% of UK internet users say they regularly click on online ads to investigate a product further, according to research by Toluna.

More than half of UK respondents (53%) think there are too many online ads, and half again said they ignore the adverts they see online altogether. 

Over a third (35%) of people think online advertising is too invasive. As a means of sidestepping the issue, over a quarter (27%) said they are currently using ad-blocking technology. Their reasons for doing so range from a sentiment there are too many adverts (54%), to feeling intruded upon (39%), and concerns about security (40%). 

However, 35% of respondents said they would allow third-parties to collect more information about them if they received a share of the money that advertisers paid for this data. Moreover, if advertisers paid them, 41% said they would share more information.