Lack of investment and resources revealed as biggest omnichannel challenge

CMOs have cited 'lack of investment and resources' as their main challenge when it comes to implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy, according to research from The CMO Club and Rakuten Marketing.

Sixty-four per cent of respondents cited budgetary restrictions as their main hurdle, while 61 per cent found a lack of analytical resources hindered an omnichannel approach.

Almost a quarter of respondents have no plans to implement an ominchannel strategy, while 29 per cent plan to launch one within the next year.

Only 11 per cent deemed their implementation to be ‘sophisticated’, and 34 per cent are in the early stages of integration.

Peter Krainik, CEO and founder of The CMO Club, said: “It appears that brands are only beginning to connect the touch points that lead to conversion.

“Once brands move beyond the early stages of attribution, adopt emerging technology tools and begin to truly understand the performance of their marketing, how they evaluate the success of cross channel marketing efforts may shift.”