Lack of ownership clarity biggest CX challenge for B2B marketers

The biggest CX management challenge for B2B marketers is a lack of clarity over who is responsible for the customer experience, according to B2B Marketing’s new benchmarking report CXcellence: How to achieve CX success in B2B.

The researched also revealed that 70% of marketers see creating an excellent customer experience as a top priority, while 84% confirmed they would be placing more emphasis on CX in the next 12 months.

Despite these plans, many marketers still have basic steps to take: 47% said they have not mapped out the customer journey and identified what makes a positive experience at each stage.

When asked about the quality of customer experience their companies already provide, 52% of marketers said it was ‘good’, while 30% said it was okay – just 15% said the experience their customers receive is ‘excellent’.

Jess Pike, senior editor at B2B Marketing said: “It’s great to see that so many marketers plan to prioritise CX management in the next 12 months, although the fact that ownership is the biggest stumbling block is concerning.

“Marketing should be the driving force behind an excellent customer experience, and the first step towards this is mapping the customer journey, which, according to our research, many marketers still haven't done."

CXcellence: How to achieve CX success in B2B

In this new report, we surveyed 100 B2B buyers and 165 B2B marketers to find out exactly how much the customer experience matters throughout the buyer journey. 

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