LEAD GEN NEWS: Marketers say 'generating leads is our biggest challenge'

Seventy-eight per cent of B2B marketers believe generating leads in the biggest challenge they are facing, according to a new infographic by Placester

This was followed by 'improving lead quality' (60 per cent) and 'increasing product or service awareness' (55 per cent). 

Meanwhile, the study revealed that 39 per cent of marketers believe outbound marketing is the most effective way of generating B2B leads, followed by events (27 per cent) and online marketing (17 per cent). 

The least effective tools were the social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Out of the five major social platforms LinkedIn was voted number one for generating B2B leads. 

The research was supported by an infographic, which reveals 71 per cent of B2B marketers use content to generate leads. Eighty-eight per cent of those using content said case studies and customer testimonials were the most effective B2B content.

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