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Lewis Hamilton gets inked with Epson

F1 champion Lewis Hamilton has starred in a high-octane film, Lewis Gets Inked, to promote Epson’s recently launched EcoTank printer.

Set at the Mercedes Formula One headquarters, the action set-piece shows the F1 champion glide in slow motion through a flurry of paper, before being showered by jets of multi-coloured ink.

Lewis Hamilton commented: “The shoot with Epson for the EcoTank printer was a lot of fun; I always enjoy doing something a bit different and going out of my comfort zone. 

“Having 400 litres of ink thrown at me was a new experience, so I just went with it and I think the output’s really cool.”

Lewis Gets Inked

The campaign aims to highlight the EcoTank’s refillable ink tank technology and capacity that comes with Epson printers.

Maria Eagling, director of marketing, Epson Europe explained the use of juxtaposition in the film, and why it works: “Epson is known as a brand that represents quality, innovation and performance, so people won’t be expecting a fun, wry and high-action film from us.”

Over a year in the making, the multichannel content campaign features behind-the-scenes material as well as the film. Epson teamed up with Citizen Films on the project, which was directed by Rollo Hollins.