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MARKET RESEARCH: IT marketers see an optimistic future


Marketers in IT and Telecoms sectors are confident that business will improve for their organisations in the future. Research has revealed that with 40 per cent believing this their views are noticeably improved from the previous survey.

There is not as much optimism about current job security as there is about the future. The latest ‘Marketing Trends Survey' run by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) found there was greater fear amongst those in the technology and telecoms sector than any other.

Although IT marketers' outlook on their company's sales performance for this financial year is much lower than views from previous research, it is similar to the overall average. The mean sales performance for technology/telecoms organisations is +0.6 per cent and the average is +0.7 per cent.

Commenting on the findings, David Thorp, director of research and professional development at CIM, says, "Despite fears over the economy and job prospects for the rest of 2009, it is clear that we are turning a corner in IT marketers' confidence about the future and their own business operations."

Over two thirds (68 per cent) of IT marketers feel that marketing is viewed as a ‘high priority' within their company's business strategy. This is still the highest proportion across all sectors.  There are a correspondingly higher proportion of companies in this sector with marketing functions on their board, compared with organisations in other sectors (55 per cent versus 42 per cent overall).

With confidence for the future Thorp says, "For now, marketers are wisely concentrating their promotional spend in the most effective activities, and as we move into 2010, I'm convinced this more professional approach will stand them in good stead when the economy recovers."


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