Marketers among those most satisfied with business transparency

Marketing professionals are among the least likely to ‘dig’ for information regarding their company’s performance, according to research from Geckoboard.

The study revealed 26 per cent of Brits have left a job due to a lack of business transparency, with 52 per cent confessing to researching their company in order to gain a better insight into its performance.

Those in HR were the most likely to ‘turn detective’, with 74 per cent of respondents admitting to digging for information due to poor communication from higher up.

Other industries most likely to scrutinise their company’s fortunes included arts (67 per cent), IT (60 per cent), professional services (59 per cent) and legal (58 per cent).

However, those in sales, media and marketing (36 per cent) were the least likely to investigate their company’s exploits, suggesting they are generally content with the information being passed down to them.

Paul Joyce, CEO of Geckoboard, commented: “They say no news is good news; however our research shows that this is far from the case when it comes to business management.

“Without a clear view of the company's position, how can we expect our employees to make the right decisions and perform against business KPIs to drive business growth?”