Marketers are breaking fundamental influencer campaign rules

Over eight in 10 (82%) of marketing and PR professionals work with influencers, yet 73% expect them to participate in campaign activity without incentive, according to new research by Takumi.

The survey of 500 industry practitioners – the largest of its kind – found an average of £42,000 a year is spent on influencer campaigns, a considerable figure given only a fifth (21%) promise influencers paid work later down the line.

Some 9% of respondents, on the other hand, believe working with their brand is payment enough, while 6% go as far as to refuse giving compensation altogether. 

Payment isn’t the only issue causing confusion in the industry: less than half (40%) of those questioned collaborate with influencers on campaign creative, and just 20% offer the influencer total creative freedom. 

It was also found that 7% provide briefs that are too restrictive for original and authentic content creation. 

Maria Heckel, marketing director at the Chartered Institute of Marketing said: “In an increasingly complex world, we know from our own research that marketers find it hard to keep abreast of regulation and best practice. 

“Being straight with customers wins trust – and trusted brands are the core of successful businesses.”