Marketers fail to action attribution insights

Four in five organisations use marketing attribution, yet 57% don’t know what to do with it, according to new Adroll research

With the proliferation of marketing tech stack and increased number of possible touchpoints, the process of attribution – assigning a value to each touchpoint or event in the customer journey – is a cause of concern for marketers.  

The study found three key reasons for this disconnect, with respondents blaming a lack of knowledge (58%), lack of time (44%), and technology limitations (41%).

Many marketers still have a long way to go with attribution technology, with over two-fifths (42%) admitting to relying on manual attribution through spreadsheet data as opposed to vendor or custom-built technology. 

Marius Smyth, MD at AdRoll, said: “Attribution continues to be huge area of focus for brands and agencies alike. 

“What we’ve tried to do through this research is get a sense of where marketing is with attribution, shine a light on the issues and challenges facing this discipline, and deliver actionable insights for organisations, whether they are implementing or optimising attribution modelling.”

The report is based on a survey of both brands and agencies across the UK, France and Germany.