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Marketers’ future demand gen spending investments revealed

Social, whitepapers, websites, SEO and webinars are where B2B marketers are looking to increase future marketing spend in demand generation, according to a new report published by B2B Marketing and ON24.

BANT qualification (65%) and company data (22%) top the list when it comes to providing the best opportunity to qualify a sales-ready lead, however the majority of marketers admit that their most used tools are least effective at gathering information on budget (59%).

Jess Pike, editor of B2B Marketing, said: “Increased spend on website and social comes despite the fact that social doesn’t deliver much in terms of BANT qualification. To what extent, then, are the 52% increasing spend on social because of a widely held perception that is should be happening, rather than a recognised acceptance that it works?

“In terms of what’s not hot in demand gen, it seems that DM and advertising have plummeted in the marketer’s estimations in recent years, which is much of a surprise in an increasingly digitised customer landscape. The days of dedicating great chunks of budget to thousands of mail-outs are long gone.”

The key to successful demand generation

Generating demand is what every B2B marketer is tasked with on an almost daily basis. But without the demand gen tools to be relied upon, how can they expect to hit and exceed targets? 

In this report, produced in conjunction with ON24, we explore what happens when you take demand generation to the next level, highlighting which tools best enable you to gain the truest and most comprehensive picture of your often hard-to-reach prospects.

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