Marketers lead the way for work-based New Year’s resolutions

Marketers are setting the benchmark in regards to career-oriented New Year’s resolutions, according to research from Workfront.

The study revealed 58 per cent of marketers have set goals for 2016 based around work, far above the average of 35 per cent for general office workers.

Respondents stated the following would help improve their productivity in 2016:

  • Creating more efficient work processes (24.4%)
  • More advanced technology (23.6%)
  • Uninterrupted blocks of work time (23.6%)
  • More/better-qualified people and resources (16.8%)

Surprisingly, seven in ten marketing respondents admitted they only spend half their working hours carrying out their primary tasks and responsibilities.

The main causes of this include unexpected phone calls (53 per cent), wasteful meetings (45 per cent) and excessive emails (41 per cent).