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Marketers reveal their biggest data-driven challenges

Companies are struggling to improve their data quality in order to achieve marketing success, according to research by Ascend2.

In the survey, 59 per cent of respondents cited 'improving data quality' as their biggest obstacle in data-driven marketing success.

Other hurdles included 'integrating data across platforms' (51 per cent), 'raising level of data analytical skills' (38 per cent) and 'measuring data-driven marketing ROI' (37 per cent).

When asked which were the most useful contact data fields (excluding email addresses) to receive, 56 per cent of those surveyed stated the first and last name of call-to-action respondents were most valuable.

Other prized data fields included a person’s role/title (53 per cent), company name (39 per cent) and phone number (32 per cent).

Interestingly, a respondent’s company size was the least valued field, at just 19 per cent.