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Marketers reveal their four essential success factors

Customer, strategy, measurement and brand are indispensable to marketing success, according to B2B Marketing’s High Performance B2B Marketing report.

The research revealed 94 per cent of B2B marketers felt the four areas were vital to success.

Strategic alignment was regarded as the most important factor, with 97 per cent of high performers citing it as very important, while 95 per cent regarded being customer focused as very important.

According to the research, B2B marketing teams who do well in these four areas are more likely to make a greater contribution to business growth, out-perform competitors and work in higher growth businesses.

Joel Harrison, editor-in-chief at B2B Marketing, commented: “These four areas – strategy, measurement, customer and brand – underpin all aspects of successful B2B marketing.

“They should sit at the heart of everything marketers do and, by highlighting what high performing marketers are doing well, this research goes some way in quantifying their necessity in the B2B marketing space.”

High Performance B2B Marketing 

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