Marketers spend just a third of time on primary duties

The average marketer spends only just over a third (36%) of their day on primary marketing duties, according to a new Workfront study

Wasteful meetings were the most commonly cited barrier preventing them from undertaking these duties, taking 64% of the blame.

As well as time-consuming meetings, other common gripes included having to respond to excessive emails at 62%, and the management of people at 42%. 

This could, in part, explain why a considerable 27% of marketing professionals take fewer than 15 minutes lunch break, despite the health and productivity ramifications.  

“Meetings and email are a necessary part of today’s workplace. Unfortunately, they are often misused; decreasing, rather than increasing, productivity”, said Joe Staples, CMO at Workfront. 

“[The solutions is] about providing the tools that allow businesses to focus on the right work, create their best work, and deliver that work faster than ever before.”