Marketing and creative teams struggling to collaborate effectively

Marketers and creative professionals are struggling to collaborate effectively in several key areas, according to research from Visually.

When asked to name which areas marketers ‘come up short’ in, 39 per cent of creatives said they struggled to estimate the scope of work they are given, while 32 per cent cited ‘giving feedback and iterations’ as an area for improvement.

The study revealed a further 27 per cent confessed agreeing on a timeline was an area of discord when working with marketers.

However, when questioned about areas in which marketers excel, 58 per cent of creatives cited ‘using the content’ they created as an area for praise, along with sharing credit (44 per cent), communicating priorities (42 per cent) and responding to concerns (40 per cent).

In contrast, marketers felt creative professionals’ main shortcomings were in following the brief, giving feedback to make it better and communicating concerns (40 per cent).

Other pain points included failure to anticipate problems and follow a transparent process (30 per cent) and staffing inadequacies (24 per cent).

Matt Cooper, CEO of Visually, commented: “Brands spend more than $118 billion annually on the production and distribution of digital content and this is expected to more than double by 2019.

“As a result, marketing teams are under ever growing pressure to create higher quality content at scale in an increasingly noisy space. Not working efficiently could mean the difference between success and failure. We hope that this data sheds some light on areas where marketers and creatives can better collaborate.”

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