MARKETING AUTOMATION NEWS: Eloqua integrates with content marketing app

The latest addition to Eloqua's AppCloud has given another nod to the importance of content marketing.

The marketing automation vendor has integrated with content marketing software provider Kapost, and added its app to its AppCloud. After downloading the app Eloqua users will be able to connect their leads to individual pieces of content enabling them to see which of their content marketing channels was most effective.

Heidi Melin, chief marketing officer of Eloqua said, “I care about two things: the funnel and content marketing. Why? Because content is the fuel that drives prospects from one stage to the next. Our Kapost integration not only allows marketers to build a high performance content marketing machine, but it also gives them visibility into which leads are digesting their content.  This is truly an industry first."

Eloqua often uses content marketing to promote its services and has released a series of ‘Grande Guide’ whitepapers. Following a similar format, it has released a free ebook with Kapost to promote the integration. It’s titled, Content Marketing ROI: Why Content Marketing Can Become Your Most Productive Channel.