MARKETING AUTOMATION NEWS: Neolane’s new application boosts profitable customer relationships

Marketing technology provider, Neolane, has launched a new application that enables marketers to engage in one-to-one customer dialogues within social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

Neolane Social Marketing is an application within version 6 of the organization’s conversational marketing technology platform and can be used in conjunction with its other product offerings, including Neolane Leads for B2B. It is designed to help marketers influence fans, obtain and manage permissions to communicate with them, and then engage in one-to-one dialogues that are coordinated across social media and other channels.

Etienne Viellard, senior director of marketing for Europe at Neolane, said, “It’s clear that one-to-one personalisation and a consistent cross-channel dialogue is essential to maximising returns from B2B marketing campaigns. Used in conjunction with the Neolane Leads cross-channel B2B platform, Neolane Social Marketing extends this dialogue to enable relevant marketing offers and product recommendations within outbound direct tweets and personalised brand pages on Facebook. This helps to facilitate engagement in a meaningful, sustainable way that drives loyalty and revenue.”

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