MARKETING AUTOMATION NEWS: Team Simoco picks Profunnel

Radio communications company Team Simoco has appointed marketing automation company Profunnel to provide sales lead generation and marketing automation software for its global operations.

The company said it wanted to adopt a more structured approach to lead generation while at the same time getting a better idea of ROI for its diverse marketing programme which include major international telecoms shows and telemarketing.

Profunnel, which launched in February 2010, says it will enable Team Simoco to track visitors to its website and rank them according to the frequency and manner in which they interact with the site. High scoring leads are then offered personalised, timely and relevant information such as case studies, white papers and promotional offers; an approach which is more effective than unstructured email blasts and cold calling.

Strategic marketing director of Team Simoco Mark Thomas commented; "It's about a modern approach to customer communication; presenting customers with timely and pertinent information on their terms, when they ask for it and doing them the courtesy of recognising when they visit our website and seek to do business with us. The most important thing for us is that it puts us in control of our marketing, enabling us to understand what works for customers and what doesn't."

Team Simoco, part of the Team Telecom Group, manufactures and installs analogue and digital radio communications systems across the world with recent major contracts in China, Central America and Australia where it also has a sister company, ComGroup.