Marketing industry hit by growing skills imbalance

Marketing employers are often neglecting core marketing skills such as creativity, copywriting, analytical skills and project management, according to new research from Hays.

The Elements of a Marketers report suggests too much attention is placed on hiring or training for technical abilities, which is distracting employers from the key competences that keep departments ticking over.

Indeed, the vast majority (83%) of marketers agree core skills are now more important than technical skills, with 27% identifying analytical skills as the most important of all.

Other most in-demand skills as stated by senior marketing employers are copywriting (16%), creativity (12%) and customer-centricity (12%).

Surprisingly, some of the most significant skills gaps were found among middle management: 21% struggle with strategic thinking and 14% fall short on analytical skills. 

As a result of this evident imbalance, employers indicated to being willing to pay more for candidates who have a strong balance of core skills and technical capabilities. 

Clare Kemsley, MD of Hays, commented: “Core skills are vital to all marketers and without them technical abilities cannot be used to their full potential. 

“Marketing leaders need to consider the ideal mix of skills, within their teams and within themselves, in order to be able to capitalise on the ever-evolving digital world. 

“When looking for new roles, candidates should focus on highlighting their core skills and ‘fit’ with the organisation in order to increase their value, and earning potential, with future employers.”

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Marketing industry hit by growing skills imbalance